Water regime for wetland and floodplain plants

Water regime for wetland and floodplain plantsWater regime for wetland and floodplain plants:  a source book for the Murray-Darling Basin was launched at the Commission's Managing Wetlands Workshop held in Canberra on Tuesday 6 September 2011.

This updated volume, authored by Dr Jane Roberts and Mrs Frances Marston, captures the wealth of research knowledge generated over the past decade about effective vegetation management as part of the ecology of our inland wetland and floodplain systems.  Nineteen species were selected for their ecological importance and relevance to flows and flow management of Basin wetlands, floodplains and rivers.  For each species, details are provided on the water regime, what is known about its ecological dependency on flow and the effect of this on growth, survival and capacity to reproduce.

The book is an invaluable resource for  everyone involved in wetlands and floodplain management in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Documents for download

Download Wetlands_full_document.pdf Water regime for wetland and floodplain plants: a source book for the Murray-Darling Basin (full text) PDF (15.59MB)

Download Wetlands_1_introduction.pdf Introduction PDF (1.74MB)

Download Wetlands_2_forests_and_woodlands.pdf Forests_and_woodlands PDF (6.18MB)

 Download Wetlands_3_shrublands.pdf Shrublands PDF (2.37MB)

Download Wetlands_4_grasslands.pdf Grasslands PDF (4.24MB)

Download Wetlands_5_sedgelands_and_rushlands.pdf Sedgelands and rushlands PDF (5.69MB)

Download Wetlands_6_herblands.pdf Herblands PDF (2.36MB)

Download Wetlands_7_benthic_herblands.pdf Benthic herblands PDF (1.53MB)