Groundwater resources and managed aquifer recharge publications

Waterlines reports

Water for Australia’s arid zone – identifying and assessing Australia’s palaeovalley groundwater resources: summary report - Waterlines No 86, August 2012

Summarises the main findings from investigations at five regional demonstration sites and outlines the process involved in developing the new thematic palaeovalley map of arid and semi-arid Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

National-scale vulnerability assessment of seawater intrusion: summary report - Waterlines No 85, August 2012

Identifies several opportunities to progress and develop effective resource management and protection of Australia’s coastal aquifers through additional monitoring, research, stakeholder education and communication. 

Impacts of groundwater extraction on streamflow in selected catchments throughout Australia - Waterlines No 84, June 2012

Provides a desktop assessment of groundwater/surface water connectivity across Australia.

Assessment of groundwater licensing, metering and extraction estimation arrangements and techniques in Australia - Waterlines No 83, June 2012

Provides a summary of jurisdictional progress towards achieving the licensing and metering expectations of the National Water Initiative (NWI).

Australian groundwater modelling guidelines - Waterlines No 82, June 2012

Highlights the development of updated guidelines that promote a consistent and sound approach to groundwater flow and solute transport models in Australia.

Guidance for groundwater storage utilisation in water planning - Waterlines No 81, June 2012

Describes how extraction regimes should be selected as part of the planning process by weighing up the benefits of extraction versus the risks associated with changes to water levels, pressures, recharge and discharge on both short and long term basis.

Sustainable management of coastal groundwater resources and opportunities for further development - Waterlines No 79, March 2012

Provides a summary of the Sustainable Management of Coastal Groundwater Resources project and presents the key findings and conclusions from information gathered.

A national approach for investigating and managing poorly understood groundwater systems - Waterlines No 78, March 2012 

Provides guidance on the minimum data requirements (e.g. rainfall and land use data, bore networks) to adequately investigate groundwater systems with a low levels of use.

Integrating the mining sector into water planning and entitlements regimes - Waterlines No 77, March 2012

Presents a number of principles that jurisdictions may wish to consider in their ongoing efforts to better integrate water planning management arrangements in line with their NWI commitments.

Geothermal energy and water use - Waterlines No 72, February 2012

Provides a baseline of information for consideration in water management and planning decisions.

Assessment of GRACE satellites for groundwater estimation in Australia - Waterlines No 71, February 2012

Assesses the suitability of a new approach to monitoring groundwater levels based on GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite data.

Australian groundwater-dependent ecosystems toolbox - Waterlines No 69 and 70, December 2011

Provides a suite of practical and technically robust tools and approaches for water resource, catchment and ecosystem managers to identify GDEs. 

Ecological water requirements of groundwater systems: a knowledge and policy review - Waterlines No 68, December 2011

Provides a synthesis and review of the findings of recent studies on the ecological water requirements of groundwater systems.  

Climate change impact on groundwater resources in Australia - Waterlines No 67, December 2011

Summarises the results of extensive modelling and explores the implications of how climate change may affect groundwater recharge and discharge processes. 

Brackish groundwater: a viable community water supply option? - Waterlines No 66, December 2011

Investigates the feasibility of treating brackish groundwater as a community water supply option in regional and remote communities in Australia. 

Framework for assessing potential local and cumulative effects of mining on groundwater resources - Waterlines No 59, October 2011

Sets out a sequential process of assessment to identify the nature, scale and magnitude or risks associated with mining impacts on groundwater.

National framework for integrated management of connected groundwater and surface water systems - Waterlines No 57, September 2011

Offers practical guidance to assist water planners and policy makers to better integrate surface water and groundwater connectivity into their water planning frameworks.

Onshore co-produced water: extent and managment
- Waterlines No 54, September 2011

Discusses issues associated with the management of water produced during oil and gas production

Feasibility of managed aquifer recharge for agriculture - Waterlines No 45, May 2011

Conducts a preliminary analysis of the potential of managed aquifer recharge for agriculture.

The impact of climate change on dryland diffuse groundwater recharge in the Murray-Darling Basin - Waterlines No 40, March 2011

Describes the impact of climate change on diffuse dryland groundwater recharge in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Stocktake of groundwater definitions and management concepts - Waterlines No 39, March 2011

Evaluates the terms and concepts currently being used across Australia to measure and manage groundwater.

Robust policy design for managed aquifer recharge - Waterlines No 38, January 2011

Contributes to a number of outcomes in the National Water Initiative including increased water use efficiency in domestic and commercial settings; encouraging the use of reuse and recycling of wastewater, where cost effective; and encouraging innovation in water supply sourcing, treatment, storage and discharge.

Groundwater bore deterioration: schemes to alleviate rehabilitation costs - Waterlines No 32, October 2010

Assess the extent of bore casing deterioration throughout Australia and to identify schemes to alleviate the cost of rehabilitation.

Surface and/or groundwater interception activities: initial estimates - Waterlines No 30, June 2010

Defines and describes activities that intercept surface water and groundwater and identifies activities for further analysis.

Managed aquifer recharge: An introduction - Waterlines No 13, February 2009

Summarises information needed to consider managed aquifer recharge, alongside other alternatives, as a prospective new water supply for drinking or non-potable uses.

Subsurface groundwater-dependent ecosystems - Waterlines No 8, October 2008

Summarises what is known about biodiversity in groundwater, the ecological processes in groundwater environments and the ecosystem goods and services provided by subsurface groundwater-dependent ecosystems in Australia.

Other publications

Allocating Water and Maintaining Springs in the Great Artesian Basin - March 2013

The Allocating Water and Maintaining Springs in the Great Artesian Basin project investigated complex surface and groundwater interactions and mound spring characteristics in the South Australian and the Northern Territory portions of the Great Artesian Basin. The project delivered six technical reports and a summary report.

Groundwater Essentials - March 2012

Provides entry-level information to those groundwater users and managers who do not necessarily have a strong background in groundwater.

Groundwater responses to the 2010–11 floods - December 2012

Illustrates the groundwater level responses that occurred in selected regions of Australia during and following the floods, and identifies key links between those responses and aspects of the local and regional aquifer systems.

Pre-feasibility assessment of managed aquifer recharge in the Botany aquifer - November 2006

Summarises current knowledge about the Botany aquifer and the opportunities for managed aquifer recharge.