Water and the electricity generation industry: Implications of use

Waterlines report No 18 - August 2009

Image of lightbulbThis report examines the potential impacts of changed water availability on the Australian electricity industry. It also looks at the role of current and planned reforms in water, electricity and carbon markets in determining the most suitable and effective water management options.

It was prepared for the Commission and the Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism by ACIL Tasman and Evans and Peck.

The report is based on evidence from consultation with electricity generators, industry associations and institutions and government policy agencies in energy and water, as well as an analysis undertaken by the authors. It focuses on the use of water in thermal power stations.

The report concludes with findings and recommendations on technical and market options to address constraints on water availability.

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Download Waterlines_18_electricity_foreword.pdf Foreword by National Water Commission CEO Ken Matthews (176KB)

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